Tom Tinney has joined Space Dock


1st December 2016 | Worldwide

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author-picSpace Dock acquisitions editor has raised a pint of Guinness in celebration of  the acquisition of digital, print and audio rights to Tom Tinney’s,  ManaTech Series: the 1 st Book “ManaTech: Mages”, the 2nd book “ManaTech: Oathstone” and an as yet untitled 3rd book.

Tom Tinney is a Biker (The v-twin powered kind…not a fan of peddling) that happens to enjoy writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

He’s edited and contributed to Motorcycle Magazines, Blogs and short story sites about the Biker lifestyle. Tom covered events, interviewed famous custom bike-builders and artists, as well as writing hundreds of articles.

Tom Tinney was encouraged by “fans” to write novels as well. So he did, just not the ones they thought he would. His favourite books are from authors like Jim Butcher and Frank Herbert, Modessit and Feist, Asimov and Gibson, Weber and Jordan. So he went with his second great love for subject matter (SciFi), instead of his first (motorcycles).

Tom has numerous project in the works, including more SciFi and even a fictional account about the Biker lifestyle.

Tom’s political leanings, as well as his Biker credo, have seeped into his writing and that is why he believes free enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurs will advance us to the stars.

Tom currently resides in Wisconsin (which sucks 6 months out of the year for riding) with his wife and two dogs.

Ride safe, Ride often.

“On a dare from Edison, Nikola Tesla opens a portal to another realm in the alternate history FantaSci novel ‘ManaTech: Mages’. The inhabitants of the other realm are creatures of fantasy. And they have an abundance of Mana, the powerful essence that surrounds all life. What would twelve great minds from 1908 do with the sudden infusion of Mana-based powers? They can think things into existence. They can bring about great change, but the Earth is mana poor, so much will remain the same as the brilliant people, and their egos, re-shape the post-Victorian era. They cannot stop a world progressing toward war, so will their new allies and split loyalties change the outcome or is the result already written? Find out in ManaTech: Mages.”